Gary Vaynerchuk Needs To Be One Of Your Heroes

Anyone looking to be an entrepreneur needs to make some space on their hero shelf for Gary V. The guy puts in 18 hour days every day and is probably one of the hardest working up and coming high profile people in the world. I’m not going to go into his bio because you can search for that on your own, but I definitely recommend digging through his personal site of because there a lot of great, short videos on there about different things he focuses on.

I stumbled across this video over the weekend and was immediately obsessed with it and have watched it 4 more times since I found it. It’s short, just 15 minutes long, but it covers some awesome stuff that Gary holds true to his heart that I think are essential if you want to really build a business and brand online. It also fits well with what I have been harping on lately regarding building assets and leveraging your skills and brand name.

Here’s the video:

Some of my favorite highlights

  1. There’s no reason to be doing work that you don’t absolutely love – Gary is a huge proponent of doing what you love rather than doing what pays the bills even though you hate your life every day. He believes that as long as you are genuine and bust your ass, the money will come. I 99% agree with him (there are a few edge cases where I think this rule needs to be broken, I’ll go into them another time). Over all though, he’s right on the money. It’s so easy to build a site and write content and get readers, it just requires effort and persistence and most importantly, dedication and long term goals.
  2. Don’t worry about monetizing, worry about building up a fan base – I agree with this a lot as well. Monetization is the most important goal to have, but you won’t make money with no fans. You need to build your brand up and then focus on delivering quality content/products/books/guides that those loyal fans will want to buy from you.
  3. Don’t give away your brand equity – Gary talks about how he has turned down over 40 television show offers because he doesn’t see the point of making content to give to other people. I fucking love this. Don’t give away your equity, there’s no point in 2010 to do so. Content is so easy to distribute, it’s not centralized anymore, the old media corporations don’t need to control your content for you to make it big. Build your own content on your own properties and promote it yourself and don’t dilute yourself at all.
  4. Hustle – No explanation needed. Bust your ass and do what you love.

Bottom line, you need to watch this video a few times. Gary V is the man and has drive above and beyond what most people could ever even hope to have.


  1. 18 hours a day?! Gary needs a girlfriend…and you better pay the electricity bill or else you must bust your ass by candlelight, but I do agree you should love your work sometimes you just have to do things that you don’t love to get to that point.

    1. I can’t imagine Gary would advocate not paying your bills to do what you love, but rather to avoid long term commitments to jobs you hate simply to make money and instead focus on your brand and passions. We should try and go to one of his presentations one day

  2. Great motivational video. I agree completely with what he’s saying. I don’t want to spend the rest of my days writing about dating or weight loss crap and building backlinks.

    I’ve spent the last 6 months building up sites which I’m passionate about and I want to continue with that in the future. Even if it’s not making me much money at the moment I do think that’ll change in time.

    Thanks for sharing. I’m going to check out more of his stuff.

  3. I loved this video as well. Gary looks like a very charismatic guy. I’ve got his “Crush It!” book on my wishlist for Christmas.

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