Hiding Links-Using Link Spam To Cloud Your Backlink Profile


One of the first bits of advice I give to anyone who is looking to start actively pursuing SEO and link building is to start analyzing (and copying) your competitors backlink profile in the top 10 results. When looking at low competition results where the backlink numbers are low, that isn’t much of problem…you just pop over to Site Explorer and do a backlink look up and then export the results and start crawling through them.

But if you’re attacking a niche with high backlink competitors, things become a lot more challenging. That’s annoying if you want to copy someone, but GREAT if you don’t want to be copied. Which leads to…

Protecting Your Links

So let’s say you’ve been working really hard to dig up these great High PR backlink opportunities. Your site is crawling up the SERPs and is about to front page. In any niche where other SEOs are watching the top ten, you better believe they will be eyeing you well before you make it up to the top.

As was said before, if you have under a thousand backlinks for the page you’re trying to rank, you’re susceptible to someone checking your page out in Site Explorer and seeing all of your cards. This is not an ideal situation as it prevents you from hiding the links you have found and built.

In order to keep your stuff under the radar, you need to fill up your backlink profile with a bunch of junk links. These can come in a variety of forms, but the most popular are pligg, auto approve comments, and forum profile links. All of those are easily automated and can be acquired in high volume for very cheap from your friendly neighborhood links dealer.

So The Best Way To Hide Good Links Is With Lots Of Spam Links?


Won’t That Get Me Google Slapped?

Almost definitely no.

Could These Affect My Rankings?

Absolutely they could, though most likely not negatively, except for some potential short term dancing. If you’re feeding your sites good content, and building great quality links at them, then pouring a bunch of cheap spammy links at the site isn’t going to do much, otherwise everyone else would be doing that to you.

I really can’t stress that enough. Spammy links on their own are almost never the only reason a site is penalized by Google. Just like it’s very easy to build spammy links, it’s also very easy to point them at competitors. If I could take down competitors with low quality spam links, I would do that. But it just isn’t that simple.

A Nice Bonus With This Strategy

What’s cool about this little strategy is not only are you hiding your good links to make them harder for people to copy, you’re also diversifying your backlink profile quite a bit, which is always a good thing.

As long as you keep building good quality content on your site and keep feeding in the best quality backlinks you can find, you can feed in cheap links and be good to go. I would definitely spread things out over time though, and make it consistent. Using something like Drip Feed Blasts is a fantastic option for that. The biggest thing is not drawing attention to yourself unnecessarily.

Is It Possible To Scrape More Than 1000 Backlinks Somehow?

Yep, absolutely. It requires some fancy scripting in order to do so, but it’s definitely possible. I’ll cover that in a future post.

My Brief Moral Opinion

For the most part, spam isn’t going to make you many friends in most social circles. Use discretion.

Forum profile links don’t really get in anyone’s way; they add a few pages to a forum, but they don’t ruin the forum experience whatsoever. Auto approve comments are generally on blogs that are abandoned or unprotected, which is unfortunate if the blog owner cares but otherwise is like skateboarding in an abandoned pool, no one is really going to be bothered in the end of the day. Pligg is just plain shitty no matter how you spin it, so go for it.

Other links can become more and more devious and will most likely cross the standard moral boundaries at some point in your adventures. The best advice I can give is don’t be a dick to people. Don’t trash someone’s site, be creative, there’s always multiple means to the same end.


  1. This is great, except a quick glance at OpenSiteExplorer is all it takes to filter out the crap. It’s already sorted by Page authority. Don’t get me wrong, spammy/fluff links have their place, absolutely, but as far as using them to ‘hide’ the good links? Definitely not the best reason to use them.

    1. Sure, very true. The majority of seo’s though don’t have an account with opensiteexplorer, so you’re beating 99% of people already there. Also, there are a variety of reasons to use those links other than clouding your backlink profile, I was just highlighting this one here πŸ™‚

      Thanks for posting!

  2. Another effective way: Grab an expired domain with some power. Install an automated shopping site script or anything that generates loads of subpages without any effort. Now put up a sidebar that appears on every page and add the links of the sites that need some backlink profile hiding to it.

    Pros: Almost instant effect, no waiting for the spam to get indexed. Put link in sidebar, 24h, boom, 50k backlinks, Yahoo Site Explorer clusterfuck.

    Cons: No positive side effects like “real” spam links. No making your strong paid links look less suspicious for google by burying them in crap.

    I’m personally I’m using this together with the usual spam.

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