Wickedfire is down…let productivity commence

Bummer to see the site down, seems like a database corruption issue. Curious to see how things turn out in the next few days. If you have SEO questions, feel free to ask them at SEO Loudmouths…I’m going to get all caught up on the lingering open questions by tomorrow.

If things stay down for a while on WF, I’m not sure what will happen in terms of something to replace it. Too early to tell now.

PS: I’m working on something so fucking epic for SEO research you’re all going to love it. I’m hoping to launch it within two weeks and will officially kick it off (with a special Layered Thoughts discount) as soon as its ready to go. Stay tuned!


  1. Dude, wanna hear about that epic SEO shlamiel.

    • Give me a week or so, I *might* post screenshots before launching, most likely will just bang it out and release a private beta.

      I’ll keep ya posted!

  2. What will the world come to if we all end back up at the Warrior Forum, DP, and The Rich Jerk?

  3. Too Bad So Sad

    April 3, 2011 at 11:40 pm

    Maybe Jon is finally getting what he deserves? 😉

    What a shame…

    First Lenny’s Restaurant… Now?

    • Rightfully so.

    • What I find is funny is that most every WF member is a keyboard gangster, yet when something like this happens they run to the FBI screaming OH NOES HELP ME.

      It shows how much of keyboard gangsters can help out when there is a real problem.

      Surprising with letting the fed boy’s into the WF database, looking at all the info on how to scam others on rebills, etc…

      I think a whole new level of people who will be f u c k e d because of this, and because they had to call the fed’s.

      Have fun, hopefully everyone who liked to talk big have lawyer money waiting.

      Sucks for all non USA based affiliates who got paid by a USA based company, can you say WIRE FRAUD. Or the NON USA based companies who sent money to all USA based affiliates, WIRE FRAUD.

      The US GOVT is acting like they are hurting for cash, and now they have a whole database of information on who to go after next.

      Have fun!

  4. What is taking so long for wicked fire to come back up? Is jon on vacation or something? I think I am starting to understand what crack withdrawl is like.

  5. I really don’t like this… it’s been down for a long time now. Is it really that hard to get it back up? Gaahhhhhhh… I need my WF fix!

  6. Come over to the WaFo and we’ll help you learn to make online monies like a real guru, no more of this pissant WF CPA fake monies.

  7. Looking forward to WF coming back. But I don’t remember the last time I had such a productive weekend.

  8. It seems like somethings seriously wrong with WF, i think the mime type on the server is set up incorrectly , When trying to access WF i get a download prompt meaning the server isnt interpreting the file, also meaning I can see all the PHP source… Not good! – I could get mysql passwords etc from this…

    • I got the download prompt last night, but I’m not getting it anymore.

      The site also loads sometimes, after a good long wait..I’ve just took a screen shot saying 5000 people were viewing shooting the shit

      But yeah, I agree I could also see the PHP source. It’s safe to say someone wants this site down.

      • Any way you can share the screen here? I’d be interested to check things out.Just having 5000 guests on hitting the site shouldn’t do any damage…they have to be hitting a place that isn’t cached or hits the database especially hard.

  9. The DP owner is saying that this looks like a DDOS attack.

    This has got to be rough for the service providers in bst.

    • Jake Stratham

      April 5, 2011 at 9:31 am

      I was thinkin’ the same thing about the folks in SBT. I’m guessing Stanley ain’t having a great time, either.

  10. Looking forward to the SEO tool

  11. Give us a clue on the tool please! Go on, you’re dying to…

  12. wewilliewinkle

    April 5, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    Who are you…WHO ARE YOU…

  13. WickedFire just loaded for me and this is what was on it, “Currently WF is under a DDoS attack. We are working with the FBI to trace it to the root, and plan to be back up shortly.”

    Was talking to someone else from WickedFire and it didn’t load for them so I decided to throw up a screenshot for everyone who wants to see it as well. 🙂

    Here ya’ll go: http://i.imgur.com/kNXBf.png

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