Awesome Viral Marketing Idea – Pay With A Tweet

I found Pay With A Tweet online about a week ago and thought it was really cool. The basic premise is you have something to give away (guide, report, free app, etc) that you would normally require name and email address to download (classic list building method). Rather than require that though, the download link is hidden behind a Twitter Tweet or Facebook Like button, so in order to get to the download, a user must tweet a link to the landing page on their account and then they’ll gain access to the download page. Then, anyone who follows that Twitter user or is friends on Facebook who is also interested in gaining access to the download must click the link in the tweet/link, which has the Tweet button on it as well, and they must then tweet to all of their followers.

Depending on the niche, something like this could work REALLY WELL. Any tech savvy niches, like SEO, social media, affiliate, etc (really, any niche where people have Twitter or Facebook accounts) can create a big rush of traffic because of the exponential growth potential. Sounds really hyped up, but it seems like a sound principal.

Since I’ve just started using Twitter again and am working on growing my follower count to increase my reach on it, I think I’ll try a few tests of this system soon to see how effective it is. An ideal setup for me would be: Tweet the link, go to download page, subscribe to blog, receive download link. Seems like a really solid way to increase my feed subscriber base as well as increase the brand of the blog.

I’ll post some updates soon of ideas I want to test this system out with.


  1. It is probably a good idea to gain Facebook Likes, not sure about the subscription though. I downloaded a lot of free software online just giving my email. I get updates and newsletters but they do not affect me. I did not buy any services or even read any post sent by people who made me subscribe to download something. Then again having this targeted list of emails will be probably a great thing for someone who knows how to monetize it. I believe you will get a good number of subscribers once you continue with your excellent posts like the one about exact match websites. There is a big number of people who seek well organized “tutorials” and will subscribe to your blog if they can get them on weekly/monthly basis. Then the same people will grow up with your blog and grow up to appreciate more advanced stuff, experiments, business ideas or posts being written to highlight some things you spotted online. Just some thoughts.

    1. Great comment man, I appreciate you posting here. I’ll work on getting together some guides and tutorials over the weekend, I have a few things in mind that could be helpful.

  2. Yes, I found that service a short while ago, and have been wondering what I could use it for.

    If you have any further thoughts or practical experience, I’d love to hear about it.

  3. Write more on the results for your tests, for sure a lot of your readers will learn and get to know if they can apply this for their own ventures.

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